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24 July 1983
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I could make a dress,
a robe fit for a prince.
I could clothe a continent,
but i can't sew a stitch.

I can paint my face,
and stand very very still.
It's not very practical,
but it still pays the bills.

I can't change my name,
but I could be your type.
I can dance and win at games
like Backgammon and Life.

I used to be the smart one,
sharp as a tack.
Funny 'bout how skipping years ahead
has held me back.

I used to be the bright one,
top in my class.
Funny what they give you when you
just learn how to ask.

I can write a song,
but I can't sing in key.
I can play piano,
but I never learned to read.

I can't trap a mouse,
but I can pet a cat.
No, I'm really serious!
I'm really very good at that.

I can't fix a car,
but I can fix a flat.
I could fix a lot of things,
but I'd rather not get into that.

I used to be the bright one,
Smart as a whip.
Funny how you slip so far when
teachers don't keep track of it.

I used to be the tight one,
the perfect fit.
Funny how those compliments can
make you feel so full of it.

I can shuffle cut and deal,
but I can't draw a hand.
I can't draw a lot of things,
I hope you understand.
I'm not exceptionally shy,
but I've never had a man
that I could look straight in the eye
and tell my secret plans.

I can take a vow,
and I can wear a ring,
and I can make you promises,but
they won't mean a thing.

Can't you just do it for me? I'll pay you well.
Fuck, I'll pay you anything if you could end this.

Can't you just fix it for me? It's gone berserk...
Oh, fuck! I'll give you anything if
you can make the damn thing work.

Can't you just fix it for me? I'll pay you well.
Oh, fuck! I'll pay you anything
if you could end this hell.
I love you won't you tell me your name?
Hello, I'm good for nothing - will you love me just the same?

Just the same

-The Perfect Fit, by The Dresden Dolls
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